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First established in 1998, Fishing Vision Co., Ltd. began production of television shows dedicated to fishing and broadcast its conten on the Japanese satellite network SKY Perfect TV. Since then, it has grown to be the largest producer of vide content in the Japanse fishing industry, We continue our pursuit of providing anglers in Japan and around the world the best entertainment and information that revolves around the exciting sport of fishing.

TV Shows

Freshwater in Japan


As Japan is rich with water resources, there are countless lakes and rivers throughout the country. We offer several show lineups that involve native Japanese freshwater fish species as well as bass.

saltwater in Japan


Being an island nation, Japan is surrounded by rich seas. With the complex currents and varying environments, saltwater fishing has been an intrinsic part of Japanese culture. Naturally, we have an extensive library of shows on all varieties of saltwater fishing.

overseas fishing


Fishing Vision extends its production overseas to capture footage of exotic fish species. From the seas of Oman to the tropical rivers of the Amazon, we strive to bring our viewers excitement from across borders.


For Our Global Audience

Fishing Vision also offer videos that are watchable online specifically for English viewers.

The content includes a vast library of shows that can be watched on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Take a peek into the world of fishing not only of Japan but all over the world!



Company Name

Fishing Vision Co., Ltd.


Tokyo Head Office

3-9-2, Nishi-Shinjuku

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN




Year Established

March 30,1998


Chairman of the Board & President Taro Hashimoto
Member of the Board Yasutaka Shimamura
Member of the Board Hideaki Oshio
Member of the Board Koichi Sonoda
Member of the Board Hiroshi Matsui
Member of the Board Masayuki Ando
Member of the Board Yoshiyuki Mikami
Internal Auditor Isao Hayashi
Internal Auditor Ryota Ashiki
External Auditor Yoji Kajikawa




Broadmedia Corporation



Main Bank

MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Affiliated Associations

The Association for Promotion of Advanced Broadcasting Services

Japan Satellite Broadcasting Association

Japan Cable and Telecommunication

Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies

Japan Sportfishing Foundation

Japan Fishing Tackle Manufactures Association

All Japan Fishing Association

Corporate History

Mar. 1998 Established as Fishing Channel Co., Ltd and begins producing content for SKY Perfect TV!.
Aug. 1998 First broadcast on channel 758 of SKY Perfect TV!.
Feb. 1999 Company name changed from Fishing Channel Co., Ltd. to Perfect Fishing Co., Ltd. Broadcasting channel renamed to Sky Fishing 753.
Apr. 2000 Acquirement of broadcasting business consignment certification from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, changing the business type from a television production company to a communications satellite television broadcasting station.
May 2000 Company named changed to Fishing Vision Co., Ltd. and headquarters relocated to the Minato ward in Tokyo. Channel renamed to Fishing Vision .
Apr. 2001 Began production of the first live studio show "Gojohan no Okami" and "Fishing Station".
Jan. 2002 Headquarters relocated to the Shinjuku ward in Tokyo.
Nov. 2006 Acquirement of production business from Giga Brains Co., Ltd. and assignment as Fishing Vision Co., Ltd. branch office in Hyogo.
Oct. 2007 Establishment of secondary office in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Oct. 2009 Begins broadcasting HD content on channel 540 of SKY Perfect TV!.
Oct. 2010 Acquirement of broadcasting business consignment certification from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for broadcasting content via broadcasting satellites.
Mar. 2012 First broadcast via broadcasting satellite television channel 251 as Fishing Vision.